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Nobuo Uematsu T-Shirt Design

Front of the Shirt

I've certainly grown to love the Sharpen Design Challenge generator as the designs created through this have given me the most joy. This prompt instructed me to create a t-shirt concept for a composer based in Japan. Through my love of video games, I chose to make one for Nobuo Uematsu who is mostly known for the music of the Final Fantasy series.

Back of the Shirt

I utilized Adobe Illustrator in forming the design of the iconic crystal and used the imagery for both sides of the shirt. Then, I researched Uematsu's name in Japanese and found the symbols used. The placement of these symbols is stacked up with the format starting with the last name. You'll also see that the combined imagery on the back is shrunken down and placed closer to the top. I felt that setup made the most sense.

Full Shirt Concept

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

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