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About Me

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My Passions keep me going

Creativity drives me and I want to keep that at the forefront of my career. Hi, I'm James and I'm passionate about the things I love. When it comes to Graphic Design, I enjoy the process of seeing a design through from start to finish. Seeing my designs make an impact in real life truly makes me feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose. Helping people getting their stories out to others.

This passion has extended into various hobbies where I get to flex my other skills at hand. My blog details the many individuals I've met through the cosplay hobby and traveling to conventions. In addition, I host a show centered around that same hobby with guests on each episode. Various topics and conventions are discussed which overall makes me feel like I'm giving back something to a community I owe so much to. I prioritize my weekend with friends and streaming too.

Graphic Design, Blogging, Podcasting and Streaming. These things make up the core of what I want out of life.

What I can offer:

Graphic Design: I can help design a variety of materials that is needed for your business. From fliers, brochures, to infographics and even laying out website design structures.

Blogging/Social Media: I can help manage your blog or social media sites in gaining more interactions and followers to promote your product and services.

Podcast: I can offer advice if you're looking to step into the podcasting world or even be a guest for an episode of your show! In addition to instructing you on how to develop, edit and marketing as well. I can also assist with your streaming efforts too.