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Jessica Nigri Logo Ideas

Front view of a Business Card concept

In my time going to conventions I’ve participated in the hobby known as cosplay. People manage to take this hobby and make a career out of it. One such individual is Jessica Nigri who I formed a lasting friendship with. After expressing a need to have a logo/brand for herself, I created one for her. Specifically, I finalized around three variations in Illustrator. Within the logo are references to various outfits Jessica has created in the past. Next to each full logo is her initials in the same font. This would most likely be seen on the back of a business card. I view the logo as very versatile as the ears and hat could be swapped out for other pieces referencing the many outfits Jessica has created over the last 10 years. The back side of the business card can also be swapped out with different pictures if desired.

Various Logo ideas including initials for Business Card usage

Back view of a Business Card concept

Planning out the logo

Initial sketches

Programs Used: Illustrator

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